Saturday, December 1, 2012

Apparently we have run out of storage on our blog, so until I figure out what to do I won't be posting any further pictures from our trip!


Jeremy & Stacy said...

Apparently a lot of people are starting to have problems with that. My sister had it happen to her also. She checked out her "picasa web album" and logged in and there were all her pictures and it said she was out of storage. I checked mine and it was only at 65% but I don't understand why some peoples are full and some aren't and why it is just starting to happen to everyone. It is weird.

Jen Holden said...

Same thing happened to me twice. FIrst time I deleted pictures from picasa but then they are permately removed from your blog :( second time I added a new author (new email) which allows you to post but if you want to change the layout pictures etc of you blog you have to be in the original account if that makes sense? You can also buy storage for a low monthly price.

Jelly said...

That just happened to us! We just added another email address as an author and we're good to go (as long as we're logged in from that address). I hope it works for you!